What risk criteria would you consider in a climate vulnerability assessment? Flooding, drought, storm surge or sea level rise. Take the first step to understanding climate risk! 
Spending time in the Gulf of Mexico to identify policy solutions to reduce risk levels related to oil spills, hurricanes and economic distress. Check out the commercial redevelopment plan developed years after hurricane Katrina! 
A framework for coastal resilience is much needed when sea level rises! Sharing best practices can help policymakers evaluate their status quo and policy alternatives! We all need to prioritize once in a while! 
A vision for Shuttlesworth, a Civil Rights park that addresses physical health, cultural identity, urban heat island, social engagement and cutural identity. 
Does a mining industry town have potential? Hindman, Kentucky is widely known as the first of several Appalachian settlement schools that is now helping the community adapt. 
Engage students on an anxiety-free  discussion about the impacts of climate change and how to raise awareness about environmental issues in our communities without feeling despair. 
What does the future hold for emergency preparedness? Hear how communities can pay for climate change solutions in the long term. 
Asthma, malnutrition, allergies, mental health, cardiovascular failures or malaria...what health risk would you connect to the environment around you?

A new future includes outdoor recreation, grass-roots engagement and leveraging funds to revitalize the socially and environmentally segregated areas. 
Health is not always what you make it. Air quality, changes to vector ecology, increasing allergens, water quality, food supply, extreme heat, mental health and environmental degradation always has, always will have an impact on our health. Who suffers more? 
Urban agriculture is the most practical way to improve access to healthy foods, revitalize dormant gardens, promote community ownership, eliminate food insecurities, build local capacity and foster economic growth.  
Need a strong Latin voice to help your community implement adaptations and mitigation efforts that protect public health and the environment? Build a resilient and holistic interdisciplinary framework for your community.